Is your child… 

Suffering with a mental health problem, such as anxiety, OCD or depression? 
Unable to mange their emotional and behavioural reactions? 
Struggling to develop and maintain healthy relationships both at home and in school? 
Reacting to situations with anger and aggressive behaviours that are difficult to manage? 
Partaking in risky, abusive or unhealthy patterns of behaviour? 
Quiet, withdrawn and isolated from the world around them? 

Do you feel… 

Overwhelmed, powerless and unsure of how to help your child effectively? 
As though you are in constant conflict with your child despite your best efforts to stay calm and reasonable? 
That you are constantly questioning and doubting your ability as a parent? 
Isolated and alone with very few place’s to get the support and help you need? 
Frequntly feeling exhausted and emotionally drained/distressed? 

Why is Space2Parent Unique 

At Space2Parent we want to provide parents with space to access supportive advice, shared experiences and a place where they can feel heard. As it is our belief that for parents and carers to help their child effectively, it is essential, they take care of their own psychological and emotional well-being. 
A Space of Non-Judgement 
For parents to effectively help their child/teen, they need to feel both understood and supported. That’s why at Space2Parent we believe it is essential that we provide parents with a non-judgmental space to talk, listen and meet other parents. We hope that by offering you this space, you can begin to let go of your own unhelpful criticism and judgements about parenting and become kinder and more accepting of yourself. 
A Space for Reflection 
Giving parents a space for reflection is an integral aspect of Space2Parents work. Life can be busy, and when dealing with problematic behaviour and/or emotional issues, time to think and reflect on our own feelings and behaviour can become challenging to do. By providing a space and the skills to self reflect, parents can begin to consciously choose how to respond to their child’s demands and needs. This overtime offers parents and carers an improved sense of self-confidence and a deeper sense of connection with their child/teen. 
A Space for Learning 
Children and young people's needs are ever-changing as they journey through the many stages of neurological and emotional development. Learning to understand these stages in child development can provide parents and carers with valuable knowledge and insights into their child's world. This learning can improve a parents ability to effectively communicate with their child and understand how to identify their child's emotional and psychological developmental needs. 

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